Scan your card on the card reader to the left hand side of the tariff board on all Bedford pay stations.


The recharge menu will open up on the screen of the Paystation.

Charge: The maximum amount you can load on to your card (R200.00)
Value: The current value loaded on the card (your balance)

Insert the amount you wish to load into the pay station. You can use coins, notes or credit card (Please note: When loading with a credit card the maximum amount of R200.00 will be loaded onto your Bedford Pre Paid Parking Card)

Press the receipt button to finish off your transaction.


At the entries and exits, the card reader is mounted in the middle of the display just above the receipt slot. Swipe your card on the card reader and the booms will open.


The balance on your Pre Paid Parking card will be displayed on the entrance machine as well as on the exit machine.

Bedford Pre-Paid Parking Card Terms and Conditions
  1. The Bedford Pre-Paid Parking card will be issued to customers for a fee of R110. The Customer will then be able to load the Pre-Paid Parking card at the Pay Station.
  2. In the case of your Pre-paid card being lost or stolen, all the credit stored on your Pre-paid card is neither refundable nor transferable.
  3. The Bedford Pre-Paid parking card can be topped up at any Bedford Pay Station. (Please see instructions on reverse side of pamphlet)
    a. NOTE: If a credit card is used to top up the card, the MAXIMUM amount of R200.00 will be tran ssferred into the Bedford Pre-Paid Parking card. If cash is used, the exact amount of cash will be transferred into the Bedford Pre-Paid Parking Card.
  4. The parking ticket received when entering the premises will be validated at the nformation Kiosk when receiving your Bedford Pre-Paid Parking card. This allows you a free exit from the centre.
  5. An anti-pass back will be programmed on the card which means that the card usage should always be sequential, i.e. after the single free pass has been claimed, the card should always be used at the entrance first and then at the exit and no skipping of transactions at either points.
  6. On entering the premises with the Bedford Pre-Paid Parking card, your balance will be displayed on the machine. The same will happen on exit of the premises with the Bedford Pre-Paid Parking Card.
  7. Please note that the validation facility is not available on the Pre-paid parking card for Planet Fitness, Woolworths or Pick n Pay.
  8. The credit on your Pre-paid card is not protected by a PIN and so is the equivalent of cash. Anyone who is in possession of your Pre-paid card can use the credit that is stored on it.
  9. Credit loaded onto your Pre-paid card is not refundable.
  10. Your Pre-paid card should only be used in the manner and for the purpose for which it has been designed.
  11. All persons entering the premises, including Pre-paid card holders, do so at their own risk. The owners, management, employees, agents and/or contractors of these premises shall not be held responsible or liable for any damages of whatsoever cause or nature.